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I am a teacher by trade, but for the last decade I have been a stay-at-home mom. During that time, I homeschooled my children. These years were the best and even though my salary was paid out in kisses and hugs, it was the greatest job I’ve ever had. Unfortunately, children grow up and I discovered that I have worked myself right out of a job!

Now what on earth should I do?

Several ideas came to mind, but none of them seemed quite right.

  • Selling expensive make-up seemed a bit ridiculous when I rarely wear make-up myself. 
  • Essential oils are huge right now, but the market seems to be flooded with lots of people selling them.
  • I love sewing and crafting in my spare time, but unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to sell my creations.
  • Growing and selling organic vegetables sounded interesting, until I thought about the long, hot, humid Louisiana summers. I adore air conditioning far too much for that endeavor.

Then it came to me. What about freelance writing?  I love words. For nearly 20 years I have blogged as a hobby. I’m even working on two books that I hope to self-publish within the year. Surely, I could put my writing skills to work.

That’s how Paige’s Pencil was born in the late summer of 2019.  

As with any job, it takes time to build a clientele, but I’ve enjoyed the few writing jobs that I have landed. Over the past four months I’ve teamed up with a local realtor to write house listings, written a letter of introduction for a local businesswoman, and edited scholarly papers for a couple of college students. I am open to other types of writing, as well as teaching/coaching students (4th grade-college).

Only one questions remains: How can I write for you?

You might be wondering exactly what a freelance writer does to make money. I used to think they wrote and sold magazine articles, but the job is so much more versatile than that. In fact, as a freelance writer, I can do just about anything that is related to writing.

What can a freelance writer do for you?

That’s a great question, and the answer will vary from writer to writer. As a freelance writer, I am willing to take on just about any and every writing need imaginable.

Here are a few examples of the type of writing work I have experience in providing to clients:

  • copy writing for websites, blogs, brochures, etc
  • editing written works (college papers, blog posts, business letters, etc.)
  • general writing (business letters, Christmas letters, newspaper announcements, and other specialty writing)
  • individual writing coach for 6th grade through adult (must be local to Lafayette, LA)

Contact me for quotes on any writing job.

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Paige Hamilton is the sole writer behind Paige’s Pencil. A lover words, she is excited to have the chance to use her writing skills to assist others.

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