I’m a Baptist girl through and through, but I suppose I’ve lived long enough in Cajun country that perhaps Catholicism has rubbed off on me a little.

I say that because I’m about to make a confession. Specifically a Friday confession. It’s a Friday confession because I made a goal to write and publish a PCOS blog post every Friday.

So my painful confession is this: I don’t have one for today.

Right at this very moment I sitting here at my computer, worn out from the week and feeling totally guilty because I have failed to write a PCOS blog post for today.

But I did send off my book’s preface, introduction and two chapters to an agent, so there’s that. Maybe I don’t feel so guilty after all.

The thing I’m discovering that writing a book is hard work. Each day I am consumed with research, documentation, on top of writing and writing and writing. Of course, all this writing is on top of my regular stay-at-home mom job … you know, cooking and cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping and running around with teens and so on and so forth. And most days I wonder if I can get it all done.

A couple of days ago I saw the little pennant pictured below at Hobby Lobby.

I started to buy it, but I took a photo instead.

This writing a book feels pretty impossible right now. Then again, I can remember when the thought of writing just one chapter felt insurmountable and I’ve written two complete chapters and three more chapters are close to being done. I’m about 18,000 words into a 25,000 word book … which is a rather short book.

Even if it is short and even if I am more than halfway there, it feels impossible tonight. But I am remembering that if God is for me then who can be against me … including myself.

And the good news is that there will be a PCOS blog post on another day.


2 thoughts on “Impossible

    1. Not at all! Baptist’s are just a denomination or group among Protestant Christians. We started being called Baptist’s long ago because we believed in following Christ’s example of baptism instead of christening infants. Here is the US, the Baptist church is pretty common… just like Presbyterians or Episcopal or Lutherans. We are all Christians but we may interpret some scripture slightly different.


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